Goods Issue in Collective Processing 


You can use the collective processing function to post goods issue for multiple outbound deliveries at the same time.

First, select all the outbound deliveries ready for goods issue posting. You can limit the selection by goods issue date, for example. You can choose the inbound deliveries for which you want to post goods issue from the list that appears.


Only deliveries that have been fully picked and fulfill the Prerequisites for Goods Issue Posting are included in the goods issue overview.


To select outbound deliveries for which goods issue is to be posted, proceed as follows:

  1. From shipping, choose Post Goods Issue ® Collective Processing Via Outb. Delivery Monitor.
  2. The Outbound Deliveries for Goods Issue screen appears.

  3. Enter your selection criteria. You can also specify intervals for certain data.
  4. Choose Execute.

The Outbound Deliveries for Goods Issue appears containing the deliveries to be posted for goods issue for each goods issue date, along with other relevant information.

To post goods issue for the outbound deliveries included in the overview, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the deliveries for which you want to post goods issue on the screen Outbound Deliveries for Goods Issue.
  2. Choose Subsequent functions ® Post goods issue.
  3. Goods issue is posted for the deliveries selected and you receive the message: <n> goods issue posted <n> goods issue not posted. You can tell from this message whether goods issue could not be posted for some of the deliveries.

    In addition, there is a separate overview for each delivery that indicates whether goods issue has been posted successfully or not.

  4. Select Goto ® Back to return to the goods issue overview.