Goods Issue Posting 

Implementation Options

When processing individual outbound deliveries, you can also post goods issue for them directly.


In order to post goods issue, all necessary shipping activities must be completed. These activities include:

The Define storage type activity in the Logistics Execution ® Warehouse management ® Master data section.

The Define storage type activity in the Logistics Execution ® Shipping ® Picking ® Lean WM section.

Process Flow

If you want to post goods issue for an outbound delivery, proceed as follows:

When creating or changing an outbound delivery, select Edit ® Post goods issue on one of the overview screens.

Before posting goods issue, you can specify the actual goods issue date without having to change the planned date by entering the actual goods issue date on one of the overview screens.

If you have not made an explicit entry for the goods issue date, the system uses the current date.

You can find more information about posting goods issue for more than one outbound delivery in the Posting Goods Issue with Collective Processing section.

Goods Issue Using the Decentralized Warehouse Management System

If you implement the Decentralized Warehouse Management System, you cannot post goods issue using one integrated step. Goods issue in the decentralized WMS is controlled by using the following process flow:

  1. The delivery is reported to the decentralized system.
  2. Picking takes place in the decentralized system.
  3. Goods issue is also posted in the decentralized system. This main objective of this process is to keep goods issue areas well organized.
  4. Then, the decentralized system reports the delivery to the central system (ERP system).
  5. Finally, stock is reduced in the central system.

There is no credit check that takes place in the GI posting process.


As soon as the delivery is saved and goods issue is posted, you receive a message that contains the delivery number. The goods issue document number is not shown.