GUI Component Objects 

GUI Component Object Hierarchy

The following diagram shows the hierarchy of the GUI Component objects:


Relationship to GUI Library Structures

The GUI Component objects correspond to the structures in the GUI Library.

The top-level OLE Automation object is the SapEvent object. It is the one creatable object in the interface, and it corresponds to the GUI Library's IT_EVENT structure.

An Event contains a collection of Controls, a collection of Keys, and a collection of Menus. These collections correspond to the IT_SCREEN, IT_PFKEYS, and IT_MENUS structures.

Individual Control, Key, and Menu objects correspond to IT_CTRL, IT_PFKEY, and IT_MENU structures. Table controls have a TableControlInfo subtype that corresponds to the IT_TABLEINFO structure in the GUI Library. Tab strip controls have a TabStripControlInfo subtype that corresponds to the IT_TABSTRIPINFO structure.

Five enumerated types are also provided: SapControlType Enumeration, SapDirection Enumeration, SapGetType Enumeration, SapGuiFlags Enumeration, and SapSelectionType Enumeration.

GUI Component Object Properties and Methods

The properties and methods for each of the OLE Automation objects are available from both the EXE and OCX unless otherwise noted.

All properties are read-only unless otherwise noted.

Referring to GUI Components Objects

The following table describes how to refer to the SapEvent object (the top-level object in the GUI Component hierarchy):


Refer to SapEvent as: