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Archiving Time Sheet Data


Archiving Time Sheet Data


The report RCATS_ARCH_ARCHIVING (Archiving Time Sheet Data) reads the data you want to archive from the database table for the Time Sheet (CATSDB) and writes it to an archive file. In Customizing for Archiving, you determine the name(s) given to the archive file(s) generated during each archiving run.


You must have maintained the Customizing in Archive Management.


You determine which time sheets should be archived by specifying the personnel numbers and period you want to select.

To check in advance whether errors could occur when archiving the data, select the Test run option.

When you select Archiving, the archiving run is started. Only time sheet data with the status Approved (30) or Canceled (60) is selected for archiving. The data is read from the CATSDB table and written to the archive file.

To enable you track the original record of a changed record, the changed record is assigned a reference counter. If your selection criteria mean that only one of the two records would be archived, the system archives neither to ensure the consistency of the data.

Once the archiving run is complete, the data is indexed and deleted from CATSDB, but only if you have first made the relevant settings in Customizing for Archive Management.