SAP Automation GUI Interfaces (BC-FES-AIT)
   Components of the SAP Automation GUI Interfaces
   New Features in Release 4.5
   New Features in Release 4.6
      GUI Library Restrictions
      GUI Component Restrictions
   Kit Contents
      Files You Need for Working with the GUI Library
      Files You Need when Using the GUI Component
      Files You Need for Using the Code Generator
   Building and Running the Programs
   The GUI Library
      A Bit of History
      Using the GUI Library
         The SAPGUI Screen and the GUI Library
            The GUI Library Event Structure (IT_EVENT)
            Other GUI Library Structures
         Working R/3 Transactions and Screens
            Connecting to R/3 Application Server
               Handling Multiple Sessions
               Disconnecting from R/3
               Terminating the Connection to R/3
            Using the Event Structure (It_Event)
            Using Menus
            Choosing Buttons on Toolbars
               Windows Virtual Key Values
            Using Controls
               Using Matchcodes
               Selecting a Radio Button
               Handling a Tab Strip Control
               Handling a Table Control
               Control Hierarchy
               Specifying Coordinates of Controls
               Finding Controls
            Callback Functions and Macro Recording
            Listing Screen and Control Information
            Using Screens with ActiveX Controls
         Sample Program: SAMPLE.C
      GUI Library Reference
         Data Structures
               Eventtype Member of IT_EVENT
               Control Type (Dlgtype) Values
               IT_CTRL Flags Values
               DwStyle Values
               Table Control Style Flags
               Tab Strip Control Style Flags
               It_GetEventEx Flags
               Connection Functions Flags
            Finding Controls
               Specifying the Control Parameter
               Specifying the Flags Parameter
   GUI Component: ActiveX/OLE Automation
      GUI Component Objects
      Connecting to R/3
         Using Multiple Sessions
      GUI Component Application Examples
         Spreadsheet Playback from Excel
         Screen Capture from Visual FoxPro
      GUI Component Reference
         SapEvent Object
            SapEvent Properties
            SapEvent Methods
            SapEvent Events
         SapMenus Object Collection
            SapMenus Properties
            SapMenus Methods
         SapMenu Object
            SapMenu Properties
         SapKeys Object Collection
            SapKeys Properties
            SapKeys Methods
         SapKey Object
            SapKey Properties
         SapControls Object Collection
            SapControls Properties
            SapControls Methods
         SapControl Object
            SapControl Properties
               SapTableControlInfo Properties
               SapTabStripControlInfo Properties
         Enumerated Types
            SapControlType Enumeration
            SapDirection Enumeration
            SapGetType Enumeration
            SapGuiFlags Enumeration
            SapSelectionType Enumeration
   SAP Automation GUI Code Generator (BC-FES-AIT)
      GUI Code Generator and Related Products
      Recording the SAP Session
         Starting Session Recording
         Opening a Connection
         Logging On
         Using the Generator GUI
            SAP GUI and Code Generator Display Differences
            Adding a Program Variable
            Creating a New Subroutine
            Inserting a Message Check
            Controls window
         Logging Off
      Adapting the Generated Program
         Understanding Generated Code
         Avoiding Menus
         Finding Controls