Using Matchcodes 

When using matchcodes and other lists, the number of entries sent by the application server to the presentation system is usually more than the number of entries shown within the window.

To extract all the entries at once from a matchcode list send the Next Page or Page Down keys (virtual keys VK_F23 or VK_NEXT) until the end of the list is reached.

When the first data element in the new event is the same as the first data element in the old event, this generally indicates that the old event contained the last page in the list.

The standard matchcode dialog box display the data to be entered in the field using color number 4.

When there are multiple types of matchcodes and you know the type you want, you can move directly to that matchcode selection without the intermediate dialog steps. To do this, enter an equal sign, the single-character matchcode type, and a period into the input field, then send the default return key. For instance, to get to matchcode type A, enter the following in the input field.