long FindByField (LPCTSTR Field, long Start, SapControlType Type)



String containing the batch input name to look for (table name - field name).


Index of control where search begins; 0 to search all controls.


Type of control to search for. (See SapControlType Enumeration.)

Return Value

Index of the first control satisfying the search criteria; -1 if not found.


FindByField allows controls to be searched based on the underlying field in the SAP R/3 repository. Both the table name and field name are used. This provides for language-independent searches.

Starting with R/3 3.0C, field names and table names are provided by default with events. Prior to 3.0C, the GetEventFull method must be used to get field and table names. This requires an additional two server round trips for each edit and matchcode field. With 3.0C, field names are also available for other control types, such as check boxes and radio buttons.