GUI Component: ActiveX/OLE Automation 

The GUI Component interface allows SAP Automation GUI to be run from any application that works as an OLE Automation controller, including Office 97, Visual Basic, and Lotus Notes.

The GUI Component allows you to access the data stream sent between the R/3 application server and the R/3 SAPGUI in COM-compliant applications. Your client programs can either replace the SAPGUI, or they can work alongside the SAPGUI screens.

Relationship to the GUI Library

The GUI Component interface is layered on top of the SAP Automation GUI Library. It allows your VB or other COM-compliant applications to perform similar functions to that of the GUI Library.

The GUI Component allows a SAP system to be controlled directly from OLE Automation controller programs such as Office 97, Visual Basic, and Lotus Notes on Windows 95 and Windows NT systems.

Nearly all of the GUI Library calls have corresponding calls in the GUI Component. The GUI Component also provides greater error checking as well as many convenience routines for ease of programming within Visual Basic and similar environments.

The GUI Component interface is available both as an out-of-process EXE server and as an OLE control (OCX).

The following diagram shows the relationship of the GUI Component to the GUI Library and to your VB or other COM-compliant.