Posting Changes in WM 


A posting change generally refers to a bookkeeping change - a change in information - about a particular material. For most posting changes, such as changing a batch number or releasing blocked stock, the goods themselves remain in the same physical location.

Reasons for Making Posting Changes

Posting changes are made for several reasons. These include:

Additional reasons for making posting changes are listed in the MM Inventory Management documentation (see Transfer Postings and Stock Transfers - General).


Although you can initiate some material status changes within the Warehouse Management (WM) component, posting changes are generally initiated in the IM application component as transfer postings and then subsequently processed in WM. When you initiate a transfer posting in IM, the system creates a posting change notice in WM. Posting change notices are only relevant for materials tracked within WM that have undergone a change in status. To finalize the process, you create and confirm a transfer order for the posting change notice in WM.


In WM Customizing, you define WM movement types for the individual posting change processes that subsequently determine how the system will process the posting changes. For information about linking IM movement types to WM movement types, refer to Movement Types in WM.

For example, you can configure the system so that the quants of consignment stock are to be converted into one's own stock. Also, you can assign the WM movement type to an IM movement type that determines with which movement type the posting is to be carried out in Inventory Management.