Goods Issue Based on an IM Posting 


When you post a goods issue in IM, the system generates transfer requirements that are used as a basis for creating transfer orders.


When you use the Inventory Management (IM) component to pick goods from the warehouse, the system posts a negative quantity to the goods issue interim storage type. For this task the system can automatically create a transfer requirement. Subsequently you create a transfer order based on the information in the transfer requirement. Using a predetermined search strategy, the system searches for storage bins from which the material will be picked. The transfer order is printed and the warehouse worker transfers the goods from the storage bins in the warehouse to the goods issue area. The warehouse worker confirms that the goods have been transferred and records any discrepancies between the required amount and the delivered amount.

Movement Types

Each time you have a goods issue posting for IM, you must use a respective movement type (see also: Movement Types in WM). All IM postings that result in a stock pick from the warehouse (that is, a physical transfer of goods out of the warehouse) are relevant for WM. The movement type determines whether the movement is relevant for WM and also provides the necessary information for further processing.

Shelf Life Expiration Date

When you create transfer orders for materials with a shelf life expiration date, you must enter the expiration date on the preparation screen. For more information about handling and evaluating materials in the warehouse with an expiration date, see Shelf Life Expiration Date.


This example illustrates what happens in the warehouse and in the IM and WM components when goods are issued.