Goods Issues Based Upon a Delivery 


You use the Sales and Distribution (SD) component of the SAP System to process all sales activities with customers and plants. In SD Shipping you create a delivery based on sales orders or scheduling agreements. The delivery is the basis for shipping and is generally used to start picking operations.


In general,

Using SD without WM

If you are using SD without WM, you generally use information from the picking lists to retrieve material from the warehouse. Information about the storage location from the material master can be printed on the picking list. However, not all the required information is provided by the picking list, since material in randomly organized warehouses can be stored in many different storage bins.

For complete information about using SD without WM, see the SD Shipping documentation.

When you use SD and WM, the following techniques are available in WM:

The following graphic shows how picking is carried out in conjunction with the SD application:

Depending upon the picking technique, materials are picked from the fixed bin (with a picking list from SD) or a transfer order for a delivery is created.

If picking takes place with a transfer order, the WM status in the delivery is set to "A" (relevant for Warehouse Management). The WM status is updated after each step during transfer order processing.

If picking takes place without a transfer order, the WM status in the delivery is set to "N" (not relevant for Warehouse Management).