The Business Object Repository (BOR) is the object-oriented repository in the R/3 System. It contains the SAP business object types and SAP interface types as well as their components, such as methods, attributes and events.

BAPIs are defined as methods of SAP business object types (or SAP interface types) in the BOR. Thus defined, the BAPIs become standard with full stability guarantees as regards their content and interface.

For general information on creating business objects see the documentation on SAP Business Workflow.


The BOR has the following functions for SAP business object types and their BAPIs:

R/3 application functions are accessed using methods (BAPIs) of SAP Business Objects. Implementation information is encapsulated; only the interface functionality of the method is visible to the user.

This finds the functionality searched for quickly and simply.

BAPI interface enhancements made by adding parameters are recorded in the BOR. Previous interface versions can thus be reconstructed at any time. When a BAPI is created the release version of the new BAPI is recorded in the BOR. The same applies when any interface parameter is created.

The version control of the function module that a BAPI is based on is managed in the Function Builder.

Any interface changes that are carried out in the BOR, are automatically checked for syntax compatibility against the associated development objects in the ABAP Dictionary.


A BAPI is implemented as a function module, that is stored and described in the Function Builder. You should only define a BAPI as a method of an SAP business object type in the BOR, if the function module that the BAPI is based on has been fully implemented.

Access to the BOR is restricted at SAP.


The BOR/BAPI Wizard helps you to create new BAPIs in the BOR. It takes you through the process step by step.