SAP GUI and Code Generator Display Differences 

You conduct an SAP session in the Generator GUI just as you would in the standard SAP interface. There are, however, some differences:

SAP menus appear in the left column of the Generator display. To choose menu items, single-click on them.The system displays sub-menus, or jumps to the screen for the menu function.The ampersand symbol (denoting the SAP underscore) precedes the character defined as shortcut key for the menu function.

SAP toolbar pushbuttons appear as help buttons in the Generator display. Drag the mouse cursor over the button for a display of the button text.

A modal dialog box replaces the current screen, with the modal toolbox displayed at the top (rather than the bottom) of the screen.

The change in font can cause some misalignment in fields.

Unsupported SAP Features

Some SAP features are unsupported in SAP Automation. You cannot use:

If you call applications that use these, nothing happens.

You cannot use multiple sessions. The SystemCreate session menu function is disabled. If you call applications that create a second session, the application enters an endless loop.