Using the Generator GUI 

The Generator GUI and SAP GUI

The Code Generator uses everything you do in the GUI to generate your program.This includes normal user actions on the screen, such as entering data; choosing pushbuttons and menu functions; or receiving system messages.

There are a few restrictions.You cannot use applications that display business graphics or make RFC OLE calls. (If you call them up, nothing happens.) You also cannot use multiple sessions. If an application tries to create a second session, the program enters an endless loop.

In essence though, you conduct an SAP session in the Generator GUI just as you would in the standard SAP interface.The differences are described in:

SAP GUI and Code Generator Display Differences

Avoiding Menus

Requesting Generator Code

The Generator also lets you specify additional program code. You can request:

For example, whenever your program inputs data or receives output (to or from a screen field), you must define a program variable for the field. For more information, see:

Controls window