Starting Session Recording 

When you call up the SAP Automation Code Generator, you get a window with several drop down menu items that displays fields for the database, the CPU, and a selection box that indicates whether or not you are running version 3.0 or later.

Before recording an SAP session, you need to specify some information:

  1. Choose the recording format.
  2. By default, the code generator produces programs in Visual Basic. But you can request programs in HAHTtalk Basic or Object Pascal instead. To do this, choose Generate ® Recording format.

    In the resulting dialog window, select the kind of program you want and choose OK.

  3. Start recording.
  4. Choose Generate ® Record to start recording your session.This function calls up a standard "Save as" window to let you specify a file name for the program. The file extensions suggested depend on the recording format you requested.

    Specify a file name and choose Save to confirm.

  5. Open a Controls dialog box.

You need to define variables (and other structures) for your program. The Controls box lets you specify these by listing all fields available in the current SAP screen. Choose Generate ® Controls to get this box.