It_GetEventEx Flags 

A set of bits creating a mask that controls how the It_GetEventEx is used.

The following table lists the bits in the It_GetEventEx flags and their role.




When you turn this bit on, It_GetEventEx behaves like an It_PeekEvent: it retrieves the event without clearing the internal flag indicating that the event has been read. This means that the same event can be retrieved again. Used mainly for error detection.


Turns on event structure information dumping. As a result, the information on all of the controls on the screen is displayed at the console. The information displayed at the console is the same as the information that is printed out when using It_ListControls. Useful for debugging.


Returns the R/3 version of the system from which the event is retrieved.


Returns TRUE if any events are currently pending, meaning that an event had been sent to the R/3 application server, but R/3 had not responded yet.


Extracts the technical information on all the controls on the screen (the same information that you get when choosing F1 and then choosing Technical Info in a SAPGUI screen).


Checks if the connection to R/3 is valid. Returns TRUE if R/3 is connected.


Returns TRUE if SAPGUI Front is running for this session.


Gets the event from the SAPGUI Front, instead of from the R/3 application server.

The following illustration shows the flow of the event information when using the GV_GETFRONTEVENT flag.