IT_CTRL Flags Values 

A member of ths IT_CTRL structure, flags is a bit mask that provides information on controls that had changed during the current event.

Check these values after getting an event to see what changed on the screen.

The following table lists the various flags and their meaning:

Flag Bit

If set, Indicates thatů


The control had been selected (this is relevant for checkbox and radio button controls, for example)


The control had been modified (this is relevant for an edit box control for example)


szTableName or szFieldName members of the IT_CTRL structure are available.


Currently not in use.


The control is either a table control or a tabstrip control. The IT_CTRL therefore contains the extended information that is available only for these two types of controls.


The value field of the control had changed.


The cursor position had changed.


The tab page is a local tab page. (As opposed to being a server tab page). See the topic Handling a Tab Strip Control.