New Features in Release 4.6 

Release 4.6A

Release 4.6B

No new features were introduced in release 4.6CB.

Release 4.6C

Using this flag results in the correct display of ActiveX controls on the SAPGUI Front screen, and it allows the user's actions on ActiveX controls to be communicated back to the R/3 application server.

However, the support for ActiveX control in the two products is limited: the ActiveX control information bypasses the GUI Library and the GUI Component. As a result, your application may get information describing only part of the controls on the screen.

When using this flag your application can only get events. It cannot send events.

For a more detailed description of this feature, see Using Screens with ActiveX Controls.

This means that you can issue multiple connection function calls thereby creating additional connections.

GUI Library connection functions (which now allow for multiple connections) are:

It_NewConnection, It_NewGroupConnection, It_NewServerConnection

GUI Component SapEvent connection methods (which now allow for multiple connections) are:

Connect, NewGroupConnection, NewServerConnection, NewServerConnectionEx

You can call different types of connection functions for the different connection, for example, you can call It_NewGroupConnection for one connection, and then use It_NewServerConnection to start a new connection.