General Controlling
      Maintain Controlling Area
      Maintain Number Ranges for Controlling Documents
      Maintain Versions
   Prepare Application Components
   Maintain Authorizations and Profiles
   Change Message Control
   Account Assignment Logic
      Define Validation
      Define Substitution
   Document Summarization for External Accounting Documents
   Request for an Adjustment Posting
      Activate Test Scenario for Requesting an Adjustment Posting
      Define Scenarios for the Request of Adjustment Postings
      Assign Own Scenarios for Requesting Adjustment Postings
      Assignment of Adjustment Postings to Scenarios
   Multiple Valuation Approaches/Transfer Prices
      Basic Settings
         Maintain Currency and Valuation Profile
         Assign Currency and Valuation Profile to Controlling Area
         Maintain Descriptions for Valuation Bases
         Create Versions for Valuation Methods
         Check Material Ledger Settings
            Activate Valuation Areas for Material Ledger
            Assign Currency Types to Material Ledger Type
            Assign Material Ledger Types to Valuation Area
      Level of Detail
         Define Valuation Clearing Account
         Deactivate Conversion of Selected Condition Types
         Choice of Valuation for Calculation Base Values
         Set Transfer Prices in a Productive System
         Parallel Valuation Approaches: Check Activation / Execute
         Multiple Valuation Approaches: Check Deactivation / Perform Deac
   Production Start-Up Preparation
      Transport System Settings
         Transport Settings for Organization
         Transport Settings for Master Data
         Transport Settings for Planning
            Import Standard Planning Layouts
            Transport Planning Layouts
            Transport Other Planning Settings
            Import Standard Settings for Resource Planning
         Transport Template Settings
         Transport Settings for Actual Postings
         Transport Settings for Account Assign. Logic/Summarization
         Transport Settings for Activity-Based Costing
      Delete Test Data
         Delete Transaction Data
         Delete Cost Elements
         Delete Cost Centers
         Delete Activity Types
         Delete Orders
         Delete Cost Objects
         Delete Base Planning Objects
      Set "Update All Currencies" Indicator
      Follow-Up Posting
         Post Follow-Up from Financial Accounting Documents
         Post Follow-Up from Materials Management Documents
         Post Follow-Up from Sales and Distribution Documents
         Post Follow-Up to Down Payments
            Maintain Down Payment Updates in Controlling
            Post Follow-Up to Down Payments
         Post Follow-Up to Reconciliation Ledger
      Activate Change Documents for Groups
      Prepare Archiving of Controlling Line Items