Windows Virtual Key Values 

The key names displayed in ToolTips are interpreted relative to F1 key. Windows represents the F1 key as 112 decimal (70 hex) and uses the constant VK_F1.

The following table lists the various types of keys, their equivalent constant and numeric values.



Numeric Representation



112 decimal (70 hex)

F1 to F12

VK_F1 through VK_F12

112 through 123 decimal

Shift-F1 through Shift-F12

VK_F13 through VK_F24

124 through 135 decimal

(The "Shift-" corresponds to adding 12 to the non-shifted function key value.)

Ctrl-25 and up

(SAPís "F0" key, also VK_DIVIDE)

Most of these keys do not have VK constants assigned

Decimal values 136 and up

(Add the number of the "Ctrl-" key to 111 decimal to get the appropriate value. For example, Ctrl-30 is 141 decimal (111 + 30).)