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The material ledger data includes the following categories that reference the respective period in the respective currency:

The categories are used in the material ledger update, mainly for the purpose of collecting price differences and exchange rate differences for single-level and multilevel material price determination.

The categories above the line Cumulative inventory influence the calculation of the periodic unit price for the period to be closed, and therefore also influence the valuation of the material if you revaluate the inventory in material price determination.
These categories affect the price.

Consumptions have no influence on such a revaluation because they are always valuated at standard price.
This category does not affect the price.

If you want to show particular inward movements (such as inward movements without purchase orders) separately, or if you want particular consumptions (such as withdrawals for sampling) in your enterprise to have an influence on revaluation, you can represent this in Customizing for the Actual Costing/Material Ledger component using movement type groups for material update. Such transactions then appear under the category Other receipts/consumption.


To see the transactions and documents for a category, choose Expand subtree and choose the corresponding line.


Occasionally the category not distributed will appear. This category contains amounts that were not distributed to usage and ending inventory during material price determination, for example because the inventory level was not sufficient for adjustments.