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Controlling (CO)

Full or partial allocation of calculated costs from one object to another.

The following objects can be settlement senders:

The following objects can be settlement receivers:

Industry-Specific Component Oil (IS-OIL)

A settlement in the sense of an exchange is, in most cases, the monthly setting up of a list containing the exchanged materials and fees incurring. With the settlement, the logical inventory of the exchanged materials will be balanced, and a list of the fees incurring will be created. A billing document will not be created here, but through the normal billing process.

Sales and Distribution (SD)

The process by which a clearing house receives a request for payment from a merchant (retailer), then reimburses that merchant for cleared payment card transactions, minus its own fee.

Treasury Management (TR-TM)

The status of a transaction changes after this checking and monitoring stage. Missing information relating to payments and postings can be added at this point.

Commissions (IS-IS-CS)

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Commissions (IS-IS-CS)

Check for disbursement (or recall) of amounts due.

In addition to performance-related remuneration, flat-rate remuneration and guarantees are settled in as far as these are posted and due. This means settlement can take place without periodic tasks, such as monthly guarantee settlements, being carried out .

Commission contract partners with several commission contracts will receive at least as many settlements (individual listings). However these can only be paid out over the same disbursement account. It is also possible to summarize payments on one commission contract with several different items and to make these payments to one or several disbursement accounts.

Settlement information is taken from the settlement agreement. Cost account assignment is controlled by the remuneration type.

Only the due amounts from valid documents are settled together. Invalid documents are not included. If a document has not yet been settled, but is set as invalid, it will be reversed through the new calculation. In this case the document number of the newly calculated document is written to the document line item as the settlement document.