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Internet Transaction Server / SAP@Web Studio (BC-FES-ITS)

Directory for storing one or more Internet Transaction Server (ITS) files in the SAP@Web Studio.

Projects allow you to store and manage ITS files (services, HTMLBusiness templates, flow files, language resources, and MIME files) while you work on them in the SAP@Web Studio.

AcceleratedSAP (SV-ASA)

Specific subset of the enterprise model for structuring and mapping implementation objects. Organizational characteristics and time dependencies are assigned to a project.

Areas to be handled by one project team can be grouped together in a project.

Controlling (CO)

A complex structure of tasks within a controlling area. It is used to control and monitor the schedule, resources, capacities, cost, revenues, and funds availability.

Project System (PS)

Business undertaking, involving a predetermined goal, which is to be achieved with prescribed funds and operating resources, to an agreed level of quality, and by a particular date.

A project differs from routine transactions, most particularly in that it involves an element of risk with regard to: