Group Conditions 


You want some conditions to be used as the basis for determining scale values from several items.

You have assigned materials to a material pricing group. You want a quantity-based discount to be assigned to these materials. You want the quantity scale to be read cumulatively with the cumulated quantity of all materials in the sales order that are assigned to this material pricing group:

Condition record with reference to a material pricing group:

From 1 KG

- 2,-USD / KG

From 100 KG

- 4,-USD / KG

From 500 KG

- 6,-USD / KG

Pricing in the order for two materials from the material pricing group:

Item 10

Material 1

60 KG

-20,- USD discount

Item 20

Material 2

70 KG

-20,- USD discount



You must mark the condition type as a group condition in Customizing

If you want the system to carry out cumulation across all items, but to read a separate condition record with this cumulated quantity for each item, you must make the following additional entries for the condition type: