Javadocs: SAP NetWeaver 7.31 (SP06) Composition Environment

API Name Description
J2EE Engine Application programming interfaces in the J2EE core engine (including logging framework)
Open SQL SAP's portable SQL dialect that makes applications independent of a specific data base vendor's JDBC driver
Web Dynpro runtime environment Services in the Web Dynpro runtime environment that can be called by custom coding in Web Dynpro applications
Common Model Interface General interface for software layers to be used as model tiers in Web Dynpro applications
Java Dictionary Dictionary Types Runtime and Services API
Java Resource Adapter Encapsulates the SAP Java Connector according to the JCA standard
Security Contains User Management, Destination Service, SSL Client Library, Virus Scan and Authentication APIs
Job Scheduler Allows you to create, schedule and monitor jobs in the Application Server Java.
Guided Procedures Application programming interfaces for developing custom callable objects, as well as programmatic execution of design time and runtime operations in Guided Procedures.
Composite Application Framework API for composite application framework abstraction layer for business objects, user interface and process pattern libraries
Universal Worklist The Universal Worklist (UWL) gives users a unified and centralized way to access their work items and relevant information in the Enterprise Portal.
PDF Document API Application Programming Interfaces for handling PDF based Adobe interactive forms from a J2EE application
Business Rules Engine API for business rules engine
Process and Task Management Facade (BPM) API for process and task management