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 Access Requests via Escape Path


With Access Requests via Escape Path, you can identify access requests processed through the Escape Path. You can use Access Requests viaEscape Path to explore:

  • The number of access requests for each Escape Path by filtering requests for each selected Escape Path.

  • Additional specific information about access requests:

    • Access request number

    • System connection

Key Features

  • Calculation rules: Count the number of records to be displayed on tile based on the filters listed above.

  • Generic Drill Down: Number of access request line items.

System Landscape Requirements

The app consists of front-end components and back-end components. The back-end components and the front-end components are delivered in separate products and have to be installed in a system landscape that is enabled for SAP Fiori.

SAP Smart Business Product

SAP Smart Business 1.0 for SAP solutions for GRC SPS 6

Contains Virtual Data Model (VDM)

SAP HANA Live for SAP solutions for GRC 1.0 SPS 9

SAP Business Suite Product

SAP Access Control 10.0 SPS 15

SAP Access Control 10.1 SPS 7

Component for Customer Incidents