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With the transactional app Check Request Status you can search for access requests that have been submitted for approval for yourself and for others for whom you have requested access. You can see the approval status for each item of the request. You can also see to whom each item was routed.

Key Features
  • Search for requests submitted by me for myself

  • Search for requests submitted by others for me

  • Search for requests submitted by me for others

  • Search role by Request Number, Role Name, Role Description, and Request Reason

  • View the status of each access item such as Approved, Pending Approval, and Rejected and see the list of assigned approvers

  • View contact information for each approver and send that person a message

System Landscape Requirements

In order to be able to implement this app, your system landscape has to be enabled for SAP Fiori. One of the requirements for your system landscape is that your back-end product meets the required product version stack:

Required Back-End Product (Product Version Stack)

SAP Access Control 10.1 (08 (02/2015))

The front-end components of this app (such as the user interface) are delivered together with the components of other apps as part of this SAP Fiori product:

Front-End Components Delivered with (Product Version Stack)

SAP Fiori 1.0 for SAP solutions for GRC ( 06 (04/2015) )

For more information, see the app implementation document of this app.

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