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 App Implementation: Recipe Finder

System Landscape Requirements

Before you can start to implement the app, ensure that your system landscape has been set up to enable SAP Fiori and that this system landscape already includes the front-end components and back-end components for your app:

SAP Fiori System Landscape Options

Setup of SAP Fiori System Landscape with SAP HANA XS

Configuration of Front-End Server

Configuration of SAP Fiori Infrastructure

Back-End Components (Product Version Stack)

SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 7

SAP HANA Content Component Delivered with (Product Version Stack)

SAP Smart Business 1.0 for SAP PLM SPS 4

VDM Contained (Product Version Stack)

SAP HANA Live 1.0 for SAP PLM SPS 6

Front-End Components Delivered with (Product Version Stack)

SAP Smart Business 1.0 for SAP PLM SPS 4

Instance: Frontend Serv. Cont. PLM NW7.40

Software Component Version: UIHPLM01 100

For more information about the installation of the front-end components, see Installation Requirements (Analytical Apps).

Tile Type for Launching App

The Recipe Finder analytical app uses an app launcher tile to launch the app.

Implementation Tasks

The following sections list tasks that have to be performed to implement the Recipe Finder tile. The tables contain the tile-specific data required for these tasks.

You can find the data required to perform these tasks in the SAP Fiori apps reference library at Start of the navigation path published on SAP site End of the navigation path

HANA Server: Assign SAP HANA Roles to Users and Roles


Needed for ...


Access to Recipe Finder

HANA Server: Generate and Assign Analytic Privileges to Users and Roles

You can find the KPI data required to perform this step in the SAP Fiori apps reference library at published on SAP site.

Needed for

How to generate?

Access to business data (only views)

To be generated by the customer using SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant.

Front-End Server: Activate UI5 Application

UI5 Application

Technical Name

UI5 Application


Business Server Pages


For more information about how to activate the SAP UI5 application (ICF service), see Front-End Server: Activate ICF Services of SAP UI5 Application.

Front-End Server: Activate OData Services


Technical Name

OData Service (Version Number)


For more information about activating OData services, see Front-End Server: Activate OData Services.

Front-End Server: Enable App for Access in SAP Fiori Launchpad

You need to enable the app for access in the SAP Fiori launchpad. You need to assign the following PFCG role to end users to consume this tile.


Technical Name

Application-specific Business Role


The SAP Fiori launchpad is the entry point to SAP Fiori apps. From a user perspective, it displays those SAP Fiori apps that have been assigned to the catalog designed for this user's role.

This presupposes that an administrator has made the necessary assignments in the launchpad designer to enable a user's access to the respective SAP Fiori apps in the SAP Fiori launchpad. For more information, see Setup of Catalogs, Groups, and Roles in the SAP Fiori Launchpad.

SAP delivers technical catalogs for groups of SAP Fiori apps as repositories to create your own catalogs in the launchpad designer. Along with these catalogs, more technical content is delivered for each SAP Fiori app. You can find the delivered technical content for each SAP Fiori app in the SAP Fiori apps reference library.

Front-End Server and Back-End Server: Assign Role with ODATA Service Authorization to Users

To grant access to OData services to specific users, you have to assign roles (including OData service authorization for the app) to your users. You have to make the assignment on the back-end and on the front-end server:

  • On the back-end server, a dedicated authorization role (PFCG role) for the OData service is delivered as an example. You can adjust this role according to your needs.

  • On the front-end server, you can assign the OData service authorization to a new or existing role, such as a business role that has been adjusted according to your needs.

OData Service (Version Number)

Back-end Server: Delivered Authorization Role (HANA Role)

Front-End Server: AuthorizationRole

RecipeFinder110.xsodata (1.1)



You must assign OData service authorizations for the KPI to your users.

Caution Caution

Several authorization default values are connected to the OData service. To ensure that all these default values are assigned to a user, you have to follow the instructions given under the documentation links provided.

End of the caution.

Make the assignment on the back-end server and on the front-end server:

Technical Data

Technical Data

Technical Name

Semantic Object


Application-specific Business Role


Application-specific Business Catalog


Business Catalog Group


Technical Role


Technical Catalog