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 App Extensibility: Recipe Finder


You can extend Recipe Finder according to your business needs for different aspects. For this purpose, the following extensibility options are available:

  • Switch between search and filter mode.

    (In search mode the app only starts to load recipe data if you set a filtering option. In filter mode it loads all recipes and dynamically filters the list.)

  • Add custom filters to the search screen.

  • Add custom columns to the search screen.

  • Add custom views to the search screen.

  • Define file type the app uses to export data to Excel.

  • Add custom calculation tabs to the recipe detail screen.

  • Add custom information area to the recipe detail screen.

  • Modify the separator character between the three elements of the recipes' ID (primary output specification, version number, and alternate number).

More Information

For a more detailed description, see SAP Note 2070690Information published on SAP site.