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With the transactional app Approve Trading Contracts, you can view pending trading contracts and approve them. If necessary, you can forward approvals to a different employee for further processing.

Key Features

The Approve Trading Contracts app enables you to:

  • View a list of only those trading contracts that are approvable and for which you are responsible, grouped according to side (purchase, sales, back-to-back). Within your worklist, you can:

    • Set filters for the different sides

    • Search for specific trading contracts

  • Reserve a trading contract to ensure that you are the only approver, and, if needed, reset the reservation to re-enable multiple approvers

  • View key information on one screen, such as:

    • Trading contract description (external number)

    • Total amount and creation date to help you identify whether a contract is delayed

    • Related attachments and notes

    • All contract items, to give you an overview of the deal

  • View contract details on item level, for example, pricing data, accounting, sales conditions, purchasing conditions, and plant information


    You get the sales or purchasing conditions on item level when a condition is relevant. A condition is relevant, if

    • it has a value, which is not zero

    • it has any type (not space)

    • it is active

    • it has a printing indicator (only visible in Customizing)

  • View detailed information about your business partner

  • Easily approve or reject trading contracts

  • Forward trading contracts to a colleague for approval


In Customizing under Start of the navigation path Logistics - General Next navigation step Global Trade Management Next navigation step Trading Contract End of the navigation path, you can control the changeability of field contents for trading contracts that are in the approval process. You do this under Specify Group of Frozen Item Fields for item fields, and under Specify Group for Header Fields for header fields. To do this, you need to have activated the business function ISR_GLT_COMMODITY_4.

System Landscape Requirements

In order to be able to implement this app, your system landscape has to be enabled for SAP Fiori. One of the requirements for your system landscape is that your back-end product meets the required product version stack:

Required Back-End Product (Product Version Stack)

SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 (09 (07/2015))

The front-end components of this app (such as the user interface) are delivered together with the components of other apps as part of this SAP Fiori product:

Front-End Components Delivered with (Product Version Stack)

SAP Fiori 1.0 for SAP ERP ( 07 (07/2015) )

For more information, see the app implementation document of this app.

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