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 Apps for the ATP Controller


SAP Smart Business for SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization provides the following analytical apps that enable ATP controller to analyze the order confirmation from a Global Available-to-Promise (GATP) perspective:

  • ATP Overview

  • Analyze ATP Results

  • Analyze Requirements

  • Analyze Substitutions

The analysis helps the ATP controller in the following ways:

  • Comprehensive visibility into the key order fulfillment data in an easily consumable way

  • Potential insights that can help future order confirmation

  • Root cause analysis on the ATP check results of sales orders

  • Real-time analysis of ATP check results on high-volume data

  • Filter and sort the order confirmations by product, by location, or by customer for a selected time period

Data Used By the Apps for the ATP Controller

The apps for the ATP controller evaluate the logged results of ATP checks that were performed by the following applications:

  • Batch backorder processing

  • Enhanced interactive backorder processing

  • ATP check in online order processing

Each ATP check for a sales order item creates a new set of data.

To log the ATP check results for a sales order, the Active option must be entered in the Activate Logging for ATP Analytics field in Customizing of the SAP SCM system under Start of the navigation path Advanced Planning and Optimization Next navigation step Global Available-to-Promise (Global ATP) Next navigation step General Settings Next navigation step Maintain Global Settings for Availability Check End of the navigation path.

Note Note

The analytical apps provide a view on the historical confirmation data. The analytical apps do not show the current confirmation situation of an order document or what happened with the confirmations after an ATP check. Confirmations can be changed or deleted due to various reasons, such as a delivery block (for example, due to an exceeded credit limit) or a rejection of the item. These changes or deletions are not logged and are therefore not visible in the analytical apps.

End of the note.

Detailed Information About Check Methods

An ATP check can perform different check methods. For the following check methods, the apps for the ATP controller provide details about the check results at the requirements level:

  • Product availability check

  • Product allocation check

  • Check against forecast

  • Rules-based ATP check

Note that the apps do not provide details about production-related check methods (such as multilevel ATP check).