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Definition of the Evaluation HorizonLocate this document in the navigation structure


You specify the period of time in workdays for which you want the system to calculate the material shortages and uncovered demands. We recommend that you enter a longer period here which you can then limit as necessary using the time horizon when you are in the appropriate app.

The evaluation horizon you define here is used in the monitoring MRP apps and therefore in the master list and header of the manage MRP apps. Note, however, that the evaluation horizon does not apply to the display of the stock/requirements list where the system displays all existing MRP elements for the selected material irrespective of any horizon.


If you create a material shortage definition and enter an evaluation horizon of 100 days, for example, the system calculates the material shortages and uncovered demand when accessing the appropriate app and caches the result. In the app, you can then select an appropriate time horizon from the drop-down list to limit the display to a period of your choice.