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In the Fiori app Analyze Overdue Items, you can group overdue items according to the following standard parameters:

  • Due date

  • Business area

  • Dunning procedure

  • Segment

  • Main transaction

  • Value adjustment

  • Company code

You can add additional grouping parameters or you can hide all parameters except for the due date.

The enhancements are grouped together under the composite enhancement spot FKK_FIORI_APPS. The enhancement spot FKK_FICA_OVERDUE_EXT is also found under this enhancement spot.

You define additional grouping parameters by implementing the BAdI BADI_FKK_OVERDUE_EXT_DDF of enhancement spot FKK_FICA_OVERDUE_EXT.

The implementing class implements the following methods:





Using method IF_FKK_OVERDUE_EXT_DDF~GET_VALID_KEYS, you add the grouping parameters you want to the list. Using method IF_FKK_OVERDUE_EXT_DDF~GET_VALID_KEYS, you can also suppress parameters. However, you always have to display the due date in any case. To completely remove standard parameters, create an active BAdI implementation and omit the determination of the standard values.

You use method IF_FKK_OVERDUE_EXT_DDF~GET_BY_KEY for grouping based on the extended parameters.


The methods IF_FKK_OVERDUE_EXT_DDF~WL_OVD_SET_GET_ENTITYSET and IF_FKK_OVERDUE_EXT_DDF~CREATE_DEEP_ENTITY are intended for future enhancements. Create these as empty method bodies; currently they are not evaluated.


Using a source code example, SAP Note 2147867 Information published on SAP site explains how you can:

  • Display the contract account as an additional grouping parameter

  • Hide the standard parameters

You can use the example as a template for your implementation.