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 Implementation of General Status

Acquiring the General Status Values

In the KPI modeler, you can use the GeneralStatus field from the virtual data model (VDM) to filter CRM objects, based on the user status. The VDM returns the data for GeneralStatus as a combination of the user status ID and the status profile ID.

Here is an example of acquiring the value of GeneralStatus for opportunities (this value must be provided in the KPI modeler):

  1. Run the CRM_STACOM_ATTR_FILL report to acquire status-related data in the following tables (this is a prerequisite for viewing analytical data based on status):



  2. In the CRM_STACOM_TEXT table, provide the following values for the corresponding fields:

    • SPARS: EN

    • REPORT_AREA: Specify the report area (for example, OPPORTUNITIES)

  3. Based on the status text, copy the value of STATUS_COMMON as follows:

    • Open: M0001CRMOPPCP

    • In Process: M0002CRMOPPOR

  4. Pass the values of STATUS_COMMON (for example, M0001CRMOPPCP and M0002CRMOPPOR) to the GeneralStatus field in the KPI modeler, to get the open and in-process opportunities.

Verifying the General Status Values Based on Status Profiles and User Statuses

To verify the value of GeneralStatus of opportunities, for the user status OPEN (based on the system status) follow these steps:

  1. Go to Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under Start of the navigation path Transactions Next navigation step Settings for Opportunities Next navigation step Maintain Status Reason and Status Profile for Opportunities Next navigation step Define Status Profile for User Status End of the navigation path.

  2. Double-click on the status profile CRMOPPOR.

  3. Copy the value in the Trans. column that corresponds to the status OPEN.

  4. From the Environment menu, choose Transactions.

  5. Search for the transaction that you have copied (in this case OPEN). The system locates the transaction.

  6. Double-click on the transaction to go to the Transactions: Display Follow-Up Actions screen.

  7. Locate the system status marked with the Set radio button. This confirms that the user status OPEN is mapped to the system status Open, I1002.

  8. Go back to the Change Status Profile: User Status screen and check the status number of OPEN, in this case 1. This means that the value of the status number is E0001, in the corresponding database table.

  9. Select and copy the short text of OPEN, in this case Open.

  10. Open transaction SE11.

  11. Enter CRM_STACOM_TEXT as the database table and choose Display.

  12. Choose Contents.

  13. Execute a search with the following criteria:

    • SPRAS: EN

    • REPORT_AREA: Opportunities

    • STAT_TEXT: Open

    Check the value of STATUS_COMMON, in this case M0001CRMOPPCP.

  14. Open transaction SE11.

  15. Enter CRM_STACOM_ATTR as the database table and choose Display.

  16. Choose Contents. For a given combination of status profile (CRMOPPOR or CRMOPPCP) and user status (E0001 (Open), the user must get the same value for STATUS_COMMON, in this case M0001CRMOPPCP.

  17. Execute a search with the following criteria:

    • USER_STAT_PROC: CRMOPPOR and CRMOPPCP, using the multiple selection option

    • REPORT_AREA: Opportunities

    • STAT: E0001

    Check the value of STATUS_COMMON, in this case M0001CRMOPPCP.

  18. You must use this value of STATUS_COMMON, in this case M0001CRMOPPCP, for the GeneralStatus VDM field.

Note Note

To get the correct combination of the general status, the administrator must run the CRM_STACOM_ATTR_FILL report whenever changes are made to the status profile or the user status.

End of the note.