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 SAP Smart Business for Financial Close


SAP Smart Business for financial close is a collection providing an overview of the most important key performance indicators for a group CFO, a local CFO, a head of accounting, a shared service manager, a closing manager, a G/L accountant manager, and so on. The product allows you to monitor the financial close progress in a closing cycle, the completion percentage of the tasks that are due today, the number of tasks with errors, the number of delayed tasks, the overall delay in hours in the closing cycle, and financial close history. You can analyze the tasks by different views, such as region, country, and phase. You can also define custom views to suit your business needs.

System Landscape Requirements

SAP Smart Business Product

SAP Smart Business for financial close 1.0 SPS 5

For more information about the system landscape to run SAP Smart Business cockpits, see Installation.