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In the Fiori app Analyze Write-Offs, you can group write-offs according to the following standard parameters:

  • Write-Off Date

  • Write-Off Reason

  • Dunning Procedure

  • Collection Strategy

  • Contract Account Category

  • Write-Off Type

  • Company Code

You can add additional grouping parameters or you can hide all parameters except for the write-off date.

The enhancements are grouped together under the composite enhancement spot FKK_FIORI_APPS. The enhancement spot FKK_FICA_WRITEOFF_EXT is also found under this enhancement spot.

You define additional grouping parameters by implementing the BAdI BADI_FKK_WRITEOFF_EXT_DDF of enhancement spot FKK_FICA_WRITEOFF_EXT. The implementing class implements the following methods:



Using method IF_FKK_WRITEOFF_EXT_DDF~GET_VALID_KEYS, you add the grouping parameters you want to the list.

Using method IF_FKK_WRITEOFF_EXT_DDF~GET_VALID_KEYS, you can also suppress parameters. However, you always have to display the write-off date in any case.

To completely remove standard parameters, create an active BAdI implementation and omit the determination of the standard values.

You use method IF_FKK_WRITEOFF_EXT_DDF~WOH_SET_GET_ENTITYSET for grouping based on the extended parameters.


Using a source code example, SAP Note 2147866 Information published on SAP site explains how you can:

  • Display the contract account category as an additional grouping parameter

  • Hide the standard parameters

You can use the example as a template for your implementation.

For a general description of the extensibility options and procedures of SAP Fiori apps, see Start of the navigation path Extensibility Information for SAP Fiori End of the navigation path.