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With the transactional app Retrieve Safety Information you can view safety-relevant data for chemicals that are used on the premises of a given organization. You can use the app on a number of mobile devices and standalone systems. The app introduces a new approach for displaying safety information on the fly and minimizes the need to contact other people or access other systems. The app pulls (from the back-end system) and displays (on the device) the safety-relevant data for chemicals at a given location. This facilitates the safe handling of chemicals.

Key Features
  • Browse through all chemicals at a particular location

  • Get an overview of the classification and risk level

  • Retrieve the safety information, relevant for the selected chemical. Depending on the availability, you can view information about:

    • Hazard classification

    • Protective equipment

    • Local emergency contact and the first aid measures

    • Suitable and unsuitable extinguishing media

    • Accidental release measures (personal or environmental precautions, cleaning up methods)

    • Attached documents for chemicals (such as, safety data sheets or safety instructions)

Technical Features

In addition, this app supports the following technical features and options. Some of these features require additional components or settings in your system landscape:

  • If the long material number has been activated in your back-end system, it is automatically displayed in the <Material> field in this app. For more information, see Long Material Number in SAP Fiori Apps.

System Landscape Requirements

In order to be able to implement this app, your system landscape has to be enabled for SAP Fiori. One of the requirements for your system landscape is that your back-end product meets the required product version stack:

Required Back-End Product (Product Version Stack)

component extension 5.0 for SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management (01 (10/2014) FP)

The front-end components of this app (such as the user interface) are delivered together with the components of other apps as part of this SAP Fiori product:

Front-End Components Delivered with (Product Version Stack)

SAP Fiori 1.0 for SAP EHS Management ( 01 (10/2014) )

For more information, see the app implementation document of this app.

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