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 Bank Statement


The analytical app displays the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Bank Statement. With Bank Statement, you can monitor the import status of bank statements for all the bank accounts that are set to be monitored. This KPI provides you with an overall status of the monitored bank statements and also allows you to identify bank accounts that are not imported successfully. Then, you can communicate the issue to the responsible person by email when you find a bank account in an error state.

Key Features

  • Calculations: The KPI provides the percentage of bank accounts imported successfully, by region, bank, and company code. The percentage is calculated by dividing the number of successful bank accounts by the number of all bank accounts. The system determines whether a specific bank account is successful or failed by checking its process status and balance status. These statuses are derived from the corresponding bank statement data and relevant ERP data.

  • Query: sap.hba.r.sappl604.BSMOverviewQuery

  • Generic drill-downs:

    • Bank account success rate by region: the percentage of bank statement importing by region (such as Europe and Asia).

    • Bank account success rate by bank: the percentage of bank statement importing by bank (such as Deutsche Bank and Bank of America).

    • Number of bank accounts by bank and company: the number of successful and failed bank accounts by bank and then company code.

    • Number of bank accounts by company and bank: the number of successful and failed bank accounts by company code and then bank.

  • Cash centers are available from sample view CashCenter. You can copy the sample view and modify the copied view to your needs.

  • If your company uses SAP Jam, you can post comments there. You can also send emails from this app.

System Landscape Requirements

The app consists of front-end components and back-end components. The back-end components and the front-end components are delivered in separate products and have to be installed in a system landscape that is enabled for SAP Fiori.

SAP Smart Business Product

SAP Smart Business 1.0 for SAP ERP SPS 6

Contains Virtual Data Model (VDM)

SAP HANA Live for SAP ERP 1.0 SPS 10

SAP Business Suite Product

SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 7

For more information about the system landscape to run SAP Smart Business cockpits, see Installation.

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This app runs on desktops and tablets.

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