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With SAP Fiori analytical apps and SAP Smart Business apps, you communicate with both the ABAP front-end server and the SAP HANA system through a browser. When communicating with those systems, you must ensure queries from the browser are correctly directed to the appropriate system. To do so, you use SAP Web Dispatcher for which you specify routing rules to define which URL is forwarded to which system.


  • You have implemented SAP Web Dispatcher and enabled it for multiple systems.

  • You have enabled single sign-on (SSO).


  1. Configure SAP Web Dispatcher to use HTTPS requests.

    All communication to back-end systems should be handled using HTTPS requests and SAP Web Dispatcher itself should be called using only HTTPS.

  2. Define the following routing rules to the required target systems:

    URL Prefix

    Target System


    SAP NetWeaver Gateway


    SAP NetWeaver Gateway


    SAP NetWeaver Gateway





  3. If you have different application components deployed on different SAP Business Suite-on-HANA systems, you must define the following additional routing rules:

    URL Prefix

    Target System


    SAP HANA system with ECC data


    SAP HANA system with <<vdm>> data


    SAP HANA system that hosts the KPI Modeler (SAP Smart Business only)


    SAP HANA system with <<app>> application

    Note that <<vdm>> is a placeholder for a VDM area, such as ECC or CRM, and <<app>> is a placeholder for an application.

Note Note

For all routing rules, if you use a reverse proxy other than SAP Web Dispatcher, you must ensure it is configured to preserve the host name of the reverse proxy. If the reverse proxy overwrites or replaces the host name, responses from the ABAP and SAP HANA systems cannot be sent back to the reverse proxy. For this reason, SAP Web Dispatcher automatically preserves the host name; however, other reverse proxies may not do so.

End of the note.

More Information

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