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 SAP Fiori Search


SAP Fiori search enables you to search for business objects across your core SAP Business Suite applications and to search for apps in the SAP Fiori Launchpad.

It uses the SAP NetWeaver Embedded Search technology on an SAP HANA database. With SAP HANA as a basis, the search directly accesses transactional database tables.

Searching for business objects, you can use the following operators:





share warrants

Finds results that contain both the word "shares" and the word "warrants".


shares OR warrants

Finds results that contain either the word "shares" or the word "warrants".


shares -warrants

Finds results that contain the word "shares" but not the word "warrants".



Finds results containing words that start with "warr", for example "warrants", "warranty", and "warranted".


"with best regards"

Finds results that contain the exact phrase "with best regards".

The result list is sorted by relevance, which is calculated based on the following factors:

  • Weights of attributes, for example, a hit in the surname is ranked higher than a hit in the first name.

  • Number of hits within an object (proportional to the text length and frequency of other words).

Recommendation Recommendation

  • To narrow down your search to a certain business object, add the name of the business object to the search term. For example, to search for purchase orders addressed to a certain supplier, enter a supplier name and then the term purchase order. In the search results, the purchase orders are then listed before any other objects related to the supplier.

  • If you cannot find the expected results try again using *, for example *12345 or *john*.

  • Be aware that entering letters of search term in uppercase or in lowercase does not make a difference. The search is not case-sensitive.

End of the recommendation.

New SAP HANA-enabled search models are available for important business objects of the SAP Business Suite. They have a simple, table-based structure, which enables a high performance in the determination of search results.

You can find an up-to-date list about the delivered SAP HANA-enabled search models in SAP Note 1999463Information published on SAP site.

You can call up fact sheets from the results of the SAP Fiori search to display details about the objects found and to navigate to their related object, to transactional apps. You can also access back-end transactions through fact sheets (from desktop devices only). For more information, see SAP Fiori App Types and Database Requirements.