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With the transactional app Fix Errors you can view errors present in the selected Product Network and allocation period and subsequently rectify it. You mostly filter the Structure Errors, Measurement Error. The master view also provides a description to the error so that you may get a detail into the error without actually navigating into it. This also helps you prioritize the fixing of errors. After the errors are fixed, you are navigated to the master view with the same selection as has been made earlier. The fixed errors are removed from the list, and the updated list is displayed.

Key Features
  • View Errors

  • Navigate to the relevant screens from where the errors could be fixed

  • Automatic navigation back to the Fix Error screen with the updated error list once an error is fixed

System Landscape Requirements

In order to be able to implement this app, your system landscape has to be enabled for SAP Fiori. One of the requirements for your system landscape is that your back-end product meets the required product version stack:

Required Back-End Product (Product Version Stack)

SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 (07 (01/2015))

The front-end components of this app (such as the user interface) are delivered together with the components of other apps as part of this SAP Fiori product:

Front-End Components Delivered with (Product Version Stack)

SAP Fiori 1.0 for SAP ERP ( 05 (01/2015) )

For more information, see the app implementation document of this app.

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