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 Role Analytics


The analytical app Role Analytics displays information for a role: role attributes, role owners, transactions, users assigned, and similar roles. You open the app via the SAP Smart Business for Access Control Management tiles. For example, security administrators want to optimize role assignments. They open the tile Role Assignment Efficiency to identify the role with the lowest efficiency rating, select it, and then open it in Role Analytics to analyze it .

The following tiles can open the Role Analytics app:

Key Features

  • Query Views

    • AccCtrlRoleActionUsageQuery

    • AccessControlPrerequisiteQuery

    • AccessControlRoleInfoQuery

    • AccessControlRoleOwnerQuery

    • AccessControlRoleUserActionUsageQuery

    • AccessControlSimilarRolesWithUserQuery

    • AccessControlUserRoleRelationQuery

    • RoleMasterCategoryCountyQuery

    • RoleUsrActnUsgeDetQuery

  • See role attributes

    • role name

    • system

    • role type

    • business process

    • subprocess

    • role criticality

    • training prerequisites

  • See role owners

    • name

    • contact information

  • See transactions

    • name and description

    • name of person who used it

    • total count of times they used it

    • date they last used it

  • See similar roles

    • other roles that have the identical set of transactions

    • other roles whose set of transactions is a subset to this role

    • other roles that have the set of transactions of this role plus other transactions

System Landscape Requirements

The app consists of front-end components and back-end components. The back-end components and the front-end components are delivered in separate products and have to be installed in a system landscape that is enabled for SAP Fiori.

SAP Smart Business Product

SAP Smart Business 1.0 for SAP solutions for GRC SPS 6

Contains Virtual Data Model (VDM)

SAP HANA Live for SAP solutions for GRC 1.0 SPS 9

SAP Business Suite Product

SAP Access Control 10.0 SPS 15

SAP Access Control 10.1 SPS 7

For more information about the system landscape to run SAP Smart Business cockpits, see Installation.

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