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Starting with the initial delivery date, the app is delivered with each support package stack of the respective SAP Fiori product. This document only lists support package stacks in which the app has been enhanced or changed. If the app was not changed in a particular support package stack, then this support package stack is not mentioned in this document.

The Check Request Status app has been enhanced as follows:

SAP Fiori for SAP GRC 1.0 SPS 3 (Delivery Date 07/2014)

New/Enhanced Key Features

New key features:

  • You can check the status of a request submitted by you for others .

  • Name changed to SAP Fiori for SAP GRC 1.0 from SAP Fiori for SAP Access Control 1.0.

SAP Fiori for SAP Access Control 1.0 SPS 2 (Delivery Date 5/2014)

New/Changed Implementation Details

The implementation page is changed to include new information on system landscape requirements and SAP Notes (if any).

New/Enhanced Extensibility Options

New extensibility options:

  • You can extend Check Request Status according to your business needs. SAP Access Control has extensibility in the form of custom fields which are implemented in the various SAP Access Control Fiori apps.

SAP Fiori for SAP Access Control 1.0 SPS 0 (Delivery Date 11/2013)