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You can extend My Travel Requests according to your business needs for different aspects. For this purpose, the following extensibility options are available:

  • Extension Points

  • UI Controller Hooks

  • BAdIs

Extension Points

To extend My Travel Requests, you can use the following extension points:

  • Name: extInfoAdditionalData

    Location: Detail.view.xml

    Purpose: Add information below the additional data

  • Name: extTabs

    Location: Detail.view.xml

    Purpose: Add a new tab to the tab container

  • Name: extAdditionalTravelRequestInformation

    Location: Detail.view.xml

    Purpose: Add additional travel request information above the cost assignment

  • Name: extAdditionalTravelRequestFormData

    Location: Detailform.view.xml

    Purpose: Add additional travel request form data above the cost assignment

  • Name: extEstimatedCostsTable

    Location: EstimatedCost.fragment.xml

    Purpose: Add information above the estimated costs

UI Controller Hooks

To plug in and execute custom code, the following hooks are available in the controller code:






Allows you to add buttons to the footer toolbar.



You can use this BAdI to adapt the information available in the travel request.

More Information

For a general description of the extensibility options and procedures of SAP Fiori apps, see Start of the navigation path Extensibility Information for SAP Fiori End of the navigation path.