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 App History: My Quotation Pipeline


Note Note

Starting with the initial delivery date, the app is delivered with each support package stack of the respective SAP Fiori product. This document only lists support package stacks in which the app has been enhanced or changed. If the app was not changed in a particular support package stack, then this support package stack is not mentioned in this document.

End of the note.

The My Quotation Pipeline app has been enhanced as follows:

SAP Smart Business 1.0 for SAP ERP SPS 2 (Delivery Date 05/2014)

Product was renamed.

SAP Fiori for SAP HANA Live for SAP ERP SPS 1 (Delivery Date 02/2014)

New/Enhanced Key Features

New key features:

  • A vertical line is shown to indicate today's date on the chart

  • If the chart shows dates in the past, the counter includes also the number of expired quotations from the start date of the chart

  • Navigation to the Customer fact sheet is now possible from the quotation details

Enhanced key features:

  • In the filter list, a counter is available next to the customer name to indicate how many opened quotations can be shown

New/Enhanced Extensibility Options

New extensibility options:

  • Add fields to the popup

    You can now add additional fields at the top of the popup.

SAP Fiori for SAP HANA Live for SAP ERP SPS 0 (Delivery Date 11/2013)

Initial delivery.