Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA)


Changes to the system, for example, support packages, customer developments or add-on installations can affect business processes. The business process change analyzer (BPCA) compares the objects in a transport to the objects in the TBOMs of the target system. The BPCA can get an object list for business functions, as well as objects in transports, and compare this object list with the objects in TBOMs. Since every TBOM is assigned to an executable entity in a scenario, business process or process step, you can determine which parts of a solution documentation are affected by the change.

You can use the test cases in the solution documentation to create test plans tailored to the changes.


You check the effects of changes on business processes after you have created a solution documentation.


You have configured the business processes, and created a TBOM for every relevant executable entity.


With the BPCA, you can do the following:

  • Analyze which parts of a solution documentation are affected by the change.

  • Analyze which parts of a solution documentation are affected by the planned activation of a business function

  • Save analysis settings as a variant.

  • Specify a start time for the analysis.

  • Remove scheduled analyses.

  • Rate analysis results.

  • Optimize the test scope of an analysis result.

  • Create test plans from the analysis results.


  • To perform a change impact analysis, choose Business Process Change Analyzer in the SAP Solution Manager launchpad.

  • To check whether all changes are covered by analyses, choose Test Suite - Overview application and go to the Business Process Change Analyzer tab.

    The BPCA analysis is displayed for each system. A graphical overview displays analyzed and not yet analyzed changes, by change type. To display details, click a column in the graphic.

  • To analyze unanalyzed changes, choose Start of the navigation pathTest Suite - Overview Next navigation step Business Process Change AnalyzerEnd of the navigation path. Select a system and check whether all changes are covered. You can select one type that was not analyzed yet and choose Create BPCA Analysis.