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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When do the cards get refreshed ? Deck refresh is triggered by the operating system every 20 minutes. In some cases, the OS throttles/skips the refresh which is not controlled by the SAP Mobile Cards Client. Additionally, the card deck is refreshed:

    • When the app starts
    • Every 5 minutes while using the app
    • When the user swipes down the screen to trigger a manual refresh
    • Via notification when a card is added by Work Zone or Fiori Launchpad
  2. Why don’t I get notifications? You will receive notifications only when the app is running in the background, and new card notifications are generated by the server only during deck refresh. If you still face issues with notifications, you may try:

    • Registering the app again, and allow notification
    • Check the notification feature configuration
    • Use the global push certificate for app store clients, or your custom server configuration for cloud build clients
    • Open the Push Registration tab, search for the users device and send a test notification to the device
    • Check for any event logs in Analytics > Logs
  3. Users can’t delete/unsubscribe a card Deselect the Hidden Subscription option to unsubscribe/remove the card from the deck. To know more, see Operational Tab

  4. Unable to see productive cards in subscription list The access might be denied by the gatekeeper. Check connectivity event logs and modify the gatekeeper configuration. For more information, see Operational Tab

  5. Unable to see development card in subscription list Ensure that the reviewers user ID is present in the developers list. For more information, see Developer Team

  6. Why does the app continuously download cards during registration The initial deck download can take multiple minutes if the deck is large. A silent notification is sent by the server to the app when the deck processing is complete. The client fetches the deck from the server when it receives the silent notification. An invalid push configuration can prevent the server to notify the client. Check your notification settings. As a work around, the user can place the app in the background and foreground to poll the server for the deck.

Last update: April 14, 2021