ImageReadyForDetectionListener<T> An interface for receiving images after the pre processing. 
IsNextFrameRequestedNotifier A callback interface for notifying the ImageProcessing pipeline if next image should be processed. 


FioriOcrObservation A class for representing the detection element in TextBlockTopology
FioriOcrObservation.Element A class for representing a text detection element in TextBlockTopology
FioriOcrObservation.Row A class for representing a row in the TextBlockTopology
ImageProcessingView A base class for orchestrating FioriCamera and CameraConfigurator for providing support for showing the camera preview, receiving camera frames on separate thread, converts the image to RGB, rotates the image if required and crops the image. 
MlKitTextDetectionView A concrete class for processing image using Android MLKit library. 
TextBlockTopology class to represent topology of the detected texts. 
TopologyDetectionObserver A class for callbacks when detected text elements are converted into a topology  
YuvCameraConfigurator A concrete subtype of CameraConfigurator class. 


MlKitTextDetectionView.TextRecognizerType Enum class to control which text recognizer to be used.