FilterDialogFragment.OnApplyListener Listener for notification when apply button is tapped. 
FilterDialogFragment.OnDismissListener Listener for notification when the dialog fragment is embedded has been dismissed. 
FormCell<T> This interface needs to be implemented by all filter controls. 
InlineValidation Interface defining methods to be implemented by a view which supports inline validation. 
ListPickerBindByViewIdBinder<V extends View>  


ButtonFormCell A Fiori Button as a FormCell. 
ChoiceFormCell A FormCell control which allows a user to view or select from a list of strings using Chips. 
DateTimePicker Customized DateTimePicker control which contains TextView and a Date/Time Dialog. 
DateTimePickerFormCell DateTimePickerFormCell FormCell is a control which contains a Key and Value along with a Date/Time picker Dialog. 
DurationPickerFormCell DurationPickerFormCell is a control which contains a Key and Value along with a Duration picker Dialog. 
FilterFormCell A custom control using either chips or checkboxes for selecting multiple options. 
FormCell.CellValueChangeListener<T> A callback that notifies clients when the value of the control has been changed. 
FormCellMetadataLayout A base class of FormCells. 
GenericListPickerFormCell<V extends View, T extends Serializable> A Fiori control to present a large list of items to choose from. 
GenericListPickerFormCellActivity<V extends View, T extends Serializable> Base class for the activity which will display the list of items in a Recycler View for GenericListPickerFormCell
GenericListPickerFormCellAdapter<V extends View, T extends Serializable>  
GenericListPickerFormCellFragment<V extends View, T extends Serializable>  
ListFormCellFilterActivity<V extends View, T> Base class for the activity which will display the list of items in a Recycler View for ListPickerFormCell
ListPickerFormCell<V extends View> A Fiori control to present a large list of items to choose from. 
MultiSortFormCell A custom control providing options to choose and order multiple user choices Typical use case is to specify the choices and order of sorting algorithms. 
NoteFormCell NoteFormCell is a sub type of SimplePropertyFormCell where value field is editable, and multiline. 
SectionedRecyclerViewAdapter Filter activity will be displayed using a Recycler View. 
SectionedRecyclerViewAdapter.FormCellHolder View holder for FormCell  
SeparatorFormCell A separator control that can be used as a partition between different sections of a view. 
SignatureCaptureFormCell A signature capture pad as a FormCell. 
SignatureCaptureInline A 'scrolling friendly' SignatureCaptureFormCell
SignatureInfo The value returned by SignatureCaptureFormCell, limited for security reasons: 1. 
SignatureInlineUIState A class that holds information about the UI state of a SignatureCaptureInline, the information is stored in a ViewModel. 
SimplePropertyFormCell SimplePropertyFormCell is a simple form cell with a key and editable, single line value field. 
SliderFormCell Customized Seekbar control which contains TextView and a Seekbar. 
SwitchFormCell A customised Switch control which contains a TextView and a Switch allowing the user to select between two options

Structure of the control is:

  • TextView :showing the text to be displayed for label of the control See also: setKey(CharSequence)
  • Switch: showing if the property is checked or not See also:setValue(Boolean)
    TextViewFormCellFilterActivity A basic activity class which extends ListFormCellFilterActivity


    DateTimePicker.DateTimePickerMode DateTimePickerMode controls the kind of value selection dialogs are presented to user. 
    FormCell.CellChangeListenerMode EditText change listener mode  
    FormCell.WidgetType Filter controls that can be used  
    SignatureCaptureFormCell.BitmapMode BitmapMode controls the kind of bitmap returned in the value.