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SAP Build Work Zone Integration

The mobile transaction bridge can also be consumed by SAP Build Work Zone.


In order to allow SAP Build Work Zone to establish a connection to mobile transaction bridge, a SAP Business Technology Platform Destination must be created. This allows SAP Build Work Zone and SAP Business Application Studio to generate content based on published recordings and to consume those at run time.

The destination is configured using OAuth JWT Bearer Authentication to allow principal propagation.

Afterwards, SAP Build Work Zone can access all recordings which are configured for direct consumption.


The SAP Build Work Zone application can only access mobile transaction bridge instances of the same subaccount.

Create the SAP Business Technology Platform Destination

  1. Open the SAP Business Technology Platform Cockpit and navigate to the subaccount where SAP Build Work Zone is subscribed.

  2. On the left side, select Connectivity > Destinations.

  3. Select the New Destination button.

  4. For the Destination Configuration select Service Instance.

  5. For the Service Instance enter com-sap-mobile-mtb. This shows a popup displaying all available mobile transaction bridge instances grouped by space. Select the instance of the space you want to use.

  6. Enter a Name for the destination, for example, Mobile_Transaction_Bridge.

  7. Optionally enter a Description.

  8. Select the Next button.

  9. For the Authentication select OAuth2JWTBearer.

  10. Add the following Additional Properties using the New Property button:

    • HTML5.DynamicDestination: true
    • WebIDEUsage: mobile_transaction_bridge
    • WebIDEEnabled: true
    • HTML5.SetXForwardedHeaders: false
    • MobileEnabled: true
  11. Select the Save button to create the destination.

You can now proceed to create content based on mobile transaction bridge inside SAP Business Application Studio.

Last update: November 18, 2021